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Nykki's Cleanse will bring you alive.

Nykki's Cleanse is strategically designed to produce long term results. It is not a fast or a binge diet solution. This is about resetting the system.  In order to do this, you must purge the body of toxins. Toxins keep you holding on to unnecessary added weight and feelings of unhappiness. They cause mental and emotional imbalance, stress and anxiety, and they lead to insomnia. Nykki's Cleanse uses our proprietary blend, organic herbal formulas to purify the body of toxins and bring the system back into balance.

Nykki's Cleanse encourages eating three meals a day. Fasting, meal replacement shakes, and starvation diets are temporary, band-aid solutions that do not deliver long term results.  Nykki's Cleanse teaches you how to eat to fuel your body and create concrete, healthy food and lifestyle habits.  Eating nutrient dense food regulates the metabolism, refines the palate, and breaks emotional food addictions.

Nykki's Cleanse delivers the best in customer service and expertise. During your cleanse, Nykki is there to coach and guide you every step of the way. You will have unlimited email support and two live, personal coaching calls. She will keep you on track, motivated and fully supported so you experience maximum success.  Check out our Yelp reviews to hear what people are saying.


Nykki's Cleanse totally changed my life. I have more energy and I have lost 40 lbs. to date.

Nykki's Cleanse totally changed my life. I have more energy and I have lost 40 lbs to date. Not only that, it changed my readings as they are much clearer. It's NOT a diet, it is a lifestyle change.  With the help and support from Nykki as you progress through this, you have all the tools you need.  I can't wait to get back on Nykki's Cleanse! I hope you all join me soon!

Lisa Williams, International Psychic Medium